Paul Brown died prematurely on 14 November 1997. He was 47. He started his career as a journalist on the Island Sun but the greater part of his working life was spent at Channel Television, the ITV station in the Channel Islands. He was a reporter, then News Editor and, finally, the urbane and witty presenter of Channel Report - the nightly news programme. As a reporter he had a good grounding in stories that make daily life in the islands, from the police court to politics. As news editor, he was mentor to scores of young reporters and the doyen of news running orders. As a newscaster - initially a rather reluctant one - his wide-ranging knowledge made him popular with different generations of viewers.

Although his parents were professional musicians it was only late in life that Paul took up a musical instrument - the saxophone. Typically, he taught himself but his abilities were recognised when was he was invited to join the Jersey Big Band (above). Paul's life was based on three things. First, his professional career which appeared to his colleagues to be discharged effortlessly; as news editor he would rarely start compiling and scripting the daily news programme until after lunch. Secondly, a voracious appetite for the written word; The Times before lunch, its crossword over a sandwich and the latest biography before bedtime. Thirdly, a passion for music in almost all its forms; he was continually building extra shelves to hold new records and, later, CDs. When his collection was put up for sale after his death it occupied an entire public hall! Those who browsed were astonished to find everything from Mozart to Glenn Miller, the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band ("J Arthur Rank on gong"...) to the Beatles. And, of course, the elegant Ella Fitzgerald, his very great favourite, whom he saw in concert in Jersey.

The proceeds from the auction of Paul's extraordinary collection of vinyl were added to that raised by the sale of his estate to form The Paul Brown Memorial Trust.

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