Jersey has a fine tradition of music-making. Thanks to the States Instrumental Service no child is denied the opportunity to take an interest in music from an early age and many go on to play in the Island Youth Wind Band, the Jersey Youth Orchestra and other ensembles. Financial aid is available from the States for parents who may have difficulty buying their child an instrument.

The Paul Brown Memorial Fund is particularly interested in young musicians who show an aptitude for a career in music but who find themselves at a crossroads: unsure whether to follow a conventional academic path or strike out as a professional musician. It is at this point that financial assistance may be crucial to support young musicians, in various ways, as they try to develop their careers. In considering applications, the trustees are looking not only for ability but also for commitment. Where substantial funds are involved (in the purchase of a new instrument for instance) successful applicants will be invited to sign an agreement that allows the Fund to recoup some of its expenditure if the instrument is later sold. The Fund may require the instrument to be returned if an applicant abandons their musical career. Additionally, the trustees reserve the right to ask for a means test. Of course, the fund is not solely about providing musical instruments and invites applications for a wide range of assistance.

The trustees meet twice a year to consider applications. For the award of small grants a written submission may be sufficient but where larger amounts are involved the trustees will certainly want to interview applicants. You will see that the application form also contains the requirement for an independent assessment of ability.

You can submit your application in writing to: Rod McLoughlin, The Paul Brown Memorial Fund, Craigour, Lower King's Cliff, St Helier.

Or you can apply online. Click here to save and complete an application form.

Before submitting a formal application you are encouraged to talk to either Rod McLoughlin (tel: 01534 724751) or Alastair Layzell (tel: 01534 747606) about the work of the Fund.